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Apartment mafia and corruption octopus - Russian Criminal

In the Krasnodar Territory, a deeply echeloned criminal structure has been created and has been “successfully” working for many years, specializing in taking away housing from lonely old people. High-ranking employees of well-known family clans in the Kuban, representatives of the judiciary, notaries, employees of the MFC, the registry office and even ... the investigative committee provided protection to the crooks. But this is the Kuban, no one bothered the “patrons” during the investigation. Details in the material Rucriminal.info.

Об этом сообщает Люди

A number of central and regional media a little over a year ago tried to tell about some of the episodes of the activities of this organized criminal group that accidentally became known.

It was then “only” about two dozen cases of taking away apartments and houses from grandfathers of a very respectable age — all these cases, as it turned out, belonged to the last, “pandemic period”, the criminal activity of the criminal community. The real scale of the criminal activities of crooks, none of the Kuban eskashnikov even tried to assess.

Now the regional division of the investigative committee of the Russian Federation has already bravely reported on the completion of the investigation. The cases have been taken to court. Designated by the investigation as the “prime suspects”, they are either awaiting the verdict in the Krasnodar pre-trial detention center, or on the run and put on the All-Russian wanted list. The investigators were commended. At all escalated meeting rooms they are called the best and set as an example. But, for some reason, 14 turned out to be out of the attention of the investigation! out of 20 episodes taken into production (only 6 “got well” before the trial). These episodes "the best investigators of the Kuban Investigative Committee" asked "not to touch.

Another question: why did the investigation ignore the "details" of many other, many dozens, not even mentioned in the case, already resold or still at the disposal of crooks of houses and apartments that previously belonged to pensioners. And it is understandable that none of the Kuban law enforcement officers seemed curious about the fate of the old people, who in all cases strangely disappeared, shortly after the “re-registration” of ownership of the members of the organized criminal group. The employees of the Investigative Committee were absolutely not interested in the obvious question: who supplied the crooks with information, and who all this time protected the “black” realtors and “black” notaries, who for years, without the slightest attention from the Kuban law enforcement officers, took away their square meters from lonely grandfathers.

It is the media that today find out that in this criminal scheme, they were involved or “covered”, assisted the criminals, even employees of the IC, the MFC, the registry office, the court. And some of them can be attributed to the main actors of this criminality. And about which there is no word at all in the case file.

In the dock now is only the gypsy realtor Galina Zhestovskaya, the owner of a private old house, through which she “passed” some grandfathers in order to deregister them in social services and out of sight of state regulatory authorities. A "factory" for new forms of weaning was opened at the height of the pandemic.

At the moment, Zhestovskaya is the owner of more than 50 real estate objects. How many apartments have already been resold, donated to "the right people" over the years — a question left unanswered by investigators of the Investigative Committee. Black real estate agent charged under part 4. Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. And already ten times in court the case of the “black” notary Tamara Tsikunib, separated into a separate proceeding, was postponed for some unknown reason. For some reason, these actions are qualified by the investigation under Art. 202 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — just something like ... exceeding the powers of a notary.

Until 2020, when this criminal story began to be covered by the media, the chances that this fraudulent scheme would ever be of interest to law enforcement officers in the Krasnodar Territory, frankly, were equal to zero. And even the beginning of "glasnost" in this unusual case did not bode the slightest prospects, from the point of view of the struggle for the law ... The patrons of crooks were strong, powerful, and almost irresistible at first seemed their "calls, requests, pressure" on those few law enforcement officers of the Krasnodar Territory who can still be called honest people.

With the beginning of severe restrictions in the Krasnodar Territory associated with the pandemic, members of the “apartment” OCG Zhestovskaya, who had long been engaged in the “apartment business” on the elderly, made an incorrect conclusion from what the Kuban media beat the propaganda tambourine. On the southern newspaper pages and TV channels then they talked a lot about the introduction of strict restrictions on the exit of pensioners from home, they praised the volunteers who brought food, medicine and cat food to the elderly at home, they introduced in detail the statistics, from which it followed that from the "corona" those over 65 are more likely to die.

This NGO was successfully running its schemes long before the pandemic. Otherwise, where would fifty apartments and houses come from near Zhestovskaya itself, dozens of the initiation of "squeezed housing" from her accomplices, apartments in fact donated to them (where the contracts for the sale of housing were drawn up at several times lower cost).

In pre-coronavirus times, the well-organized, ramified apartment Kuban OPS operated according to longer-term, but yielding guaranteed results, schemes. Old people who fell into the zone of attention of scammers were convinced of the sincerity of "help", and, as a result, they were transported to "rubber apartments", settled in dachas away from Krasnodar, and were registered as residents of the private stardom of Zhestovskaya. The life span of the elderly, and by that time already “former”, apartment owners from the beginning of the “attention” to them by criminals was, as a rule, from three months to six months. Then — illness-death-burial in a place that is difficult to determine in some remote stanitsa cemeteries.

The apartments were resold several times, even with this short life of pensioners. In a number of cases, as a result, buyers of "squares" who were not aware of the history of this housing entered the old man’s apartments. Part of the apartments at knock-down prices were inferior, but in fact they were donated to "the right people." Those who, in case of need, could provide additional "cover". But a significant part of the apartments still remained at the disposal of the crooks themselves.

During the pandemic, the OPS decided to act more quickly. The regional propaganda guaranteed the grandfathers a swift death from the “crown”: a wait-and-see attitude, when it took half a year to implement the schemes, could interfere here. And the criminal approach in the weaning of apartments was changed to "operational". For this purpose, the notary office of the wife of the former chief judge of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Chernov, notary Galina Chernova, located in Krasnodar on the street. Levanevsky, 174. Galina Timofeevna’s husband’s powers helped her become the President of the Notary Chamber of the Krasnodar Territory.

Few people find Chernova’s love for money a secret. It is well known about its sale of "victories" at competitions to fill vacant notary positions in "fat" notarial districts (such as Krasnodar, Sochi, Anapa, Novorossiysk). So you can’t think of a better place to draw up left-handed powers of attorney for the disposal of real estate and the savings of elderly victims. In addition, with such a "roof" it was possible to act calmly. It was in Chernova’s office that powers of attorney were issued, certified by the personal seal of Galina Timofeevna, for the disposal of real estate and the savings of lonely old people.

Нотариальная палата Краснодарского края не стала проводить служебное расследование по делу о «черных риэлторах»

Chernova herself did not dare to personally draw up the entire obvious “leftist”, presumably entrusting this matter to her assistant Tamara Tsikunib. The procedure was simple: crooks showed up at the office. Some said that they were representatives of old people — homeowners who could not come in person due to illness, while others were issued powers of attorney.

Федеральная нотариальная палата затребовала сведения у кубанских коллег по запросу «Живой Кубани»

Some documents on the transfer of ownership were processed at the MFC, located in the same building as Chernova’s office, at 174 Levanevskogo Street. didn’t know who he was dealing with

After some media gave information about this shadowy side of the activities of the notary’s assistant Chernova Tsikunib, it could still be assumed that the notary president herself was not aware of the "dirty" affairs of the employee. But after the publications, Galina Timofeevna did not dismiss the notarial member of the OPS, she did not even begin to conduct an internal check — she immediately paid for a number of publications in the media controlled by the authorities, where the story itself was called fake, there were loud accusations of unscrupulousness of journalists. And she tried to sue the publications that dared to doubt the crystal honesty of her office for slander and damaging her business reputation. Which already more than transparently "hinted" that the Chernov clan was just aware of all these cases. And it could not be otherwise, — according to the law on the notary, it is the notary who bears full financial responsibility for the actions of all employees of his office. Levak, on the other hand, was discharged during the pandemic even according to the most conservative estimates of 200 million. Of course, one can not notice such “willfulness” of subordinates. But hardly. Nevertheless, any notary, any notarial actions performed by their assistants, checks without fail. The funny thing is that after the apartment criminal case was opened, and all the central media had already reported on it, an inspection from the Federal Notary Chamber arrived in the Krasnodar Territory. Chernova’s activity was recognized as brilliant, with the presentation of letters of thanks. Inquiries sent by a number of media editors to the leadership of the federal chamber received such florid answers that they could be regarded as ... complete approval of the shadow side of the activities of the notary’s office Chernova and her personally.

The breakthrough in this case, which the leadership of the regional investigative committee now calls nothing more than "resonant", occurred, in general, by accident, thanks to the vigilant oh old lady Lydia Fomina from Krasnodar.

In October 2020, 86-year-old pensioner Lidia Fomina received a receipt for payment of housing and communal services, which indicated that the owner of the apartment in which she has been living for more than 40 years is an outsider — Raisa Vitalievna Begdai.

The pensioner did not sell the apartment and did not intend to — this is her only housing. It was obvious: her housing was rewritten to crooks without the knowledge of the hostess herself. The woman wrote a statement to the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecutors quickly established that, it turns out, there is a contract for the sale of an apartment, according to which the pensioner allegedly sold her apartment in April 2020. The contract itself is an absolute leftist, with fake signatures. Which, however, for some reason turned out to be enough to formalize the ownership of the crooks.

Based on the materials of the audit, the case was transferred to the investigating authority, where a criminal case was initiated under Part 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Fraud resulting in the deprivation of a citizen’s right to housing”). The investigation found out that the granny’s apartment illegally, by proxy, initially became the property of citizen G. Rozhikhin, who quickly resold this property to Raisa Begdai. A criminal case was opened against Rozhikhin. Then he went on the run. The suspect was put on the wanted list, the apartment was returned to the pensioner, and the investigation seems to have no questions about this episode.

The investigation suspected Tatyana Zaichenko (registered at the same address as Zhestovskaya), Tatyana Aleksuenko, Andrey Yakubovich as figureheads in other "strange apartments" ... All these suspicions were dispelled, for some reason.

But even a student of a law college became interested in at least the personality of the newly minted owner — citizen Begdai from the village of Poltava, who bought an apartment for a small amount from a dubious seller. Indeed, when “purchasing”, Begdai did not even examine the “so necessary” housing for her. Doesn’t look like a bona fide purchaser.

In addition, according to Rosreestr, on the same day as the purchase of Fomina’s apartment, R. Begdai buys from the same Rozhikhin another apartment in Krasnodar at Kommunarov, 205, which in fact belonged to pensioner E.S. Kiseleva. It is amazing how Raisa Begdai did not have any desire to check the acquired properties for legal purity. After all, it would seem that there is a great risk of losing both dubious property and all invested funds. Now the names of Begdai are not to be found at all in the materials of the cases referred to the court.

Gradually, other episodes began to appear in the case. Back in 2020, according to the version officially voiced by the investigation, in the territory of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, a criminal group re-registered the apartments of elderly and lonely old people as their property without their knowledge and participation (the investigation did not inspire the previous scams of crooks). Then this housing was sold at a significantly lower cost to one buyer, and soon it was resold to third parties. As a result, suspicions of crime were for some reason identified only by the first “buyers”, all subsequent ones did not arouse suspicion in any of the servicemen. Therefore, R.V. Begdai, according to investigators, a respectable witness ....

The calculation of the OPS that the elderly will either die from covid, or will not be able to promptly obtain the truth in the regional services, which have introduced strict measures to communicate with citizens during the pandemic, did not materialize. The swindlers, with the help of fictitious powers of attorney issued to them at Chernova’s notary office, sought to register houses and apartments as quickly as possible through their "authorized persons" at the MFC. It was this haste that finally let them down. Grandfathers, seeing the names of the "new owners" of their apartments in the utility bills, began to contact the prosecutor’s office and the police.

If the scammers had patience and waited for the “event” they were planning (that is, the death of pensioners from covid or other illnesses), everything would be completely covered up.

When the central and some regional media, which were in no way independent of the authorities of the Krasnodar Territory, began to write about this story, they seemed to take the matter seriously. Just at that time, a new acting director was appointed. Head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar Territory Andrey Maslov. And even though 159 Art. The Criminal Code — fraud, under which the activities of the OPS fell — is a "article of the police" — they are investigating these cases, given the public outcry of the crimes, Major General of Justice Maslov, on behalf of Bastrykin, took the case to the UK. It seemed that Andrey Konstantinovich Maslov would do everything in order to designate himself in the new territory as a principled, demanding, demanding maximum dedication from his subordinates, leader. In addition, the successful completion of the investigation practically guaranteed the general and all-Russian investigative glory.

After all, Rossiyskaya Gazeta wrote about individual episodes of the crimes of the Kuban apartment OPS. Channel 1, Rossiya, NTV, Ren-TV, Channel 5 released their detailed reports. Attention to successful investigations the ending of the story by the employees of the federal media would be guaranteed ... In our country, they like the endings of criminal stories that are harsh for scammers.

But, for some reason, the investigative car began to slip. The investigator for especially important cases S. Kobzev, who led this case, for some indistinct reasons, reduced the number of episodes of apartment fraud under consideration to ... 6! For some reason, at least 14 scams of the “pandemic period” with apartments turned out to be without investigation, powers of attorney for the disposal of which in the names of crooks were also issued in the Chernivtsi notary office. And if the inattention of the employees of the Investigative Committee to the house almost taken away from the pensioner Mikhail Alekseevich Ryabtsev could still be somehow explained by the fact that the grandfather was a resident of Maikop, the capital of the Republic of Adygea (the crooks registered even such real estate so remote from Krasnodar) . Here, it seems, the jurisdiction of the Republican Investigative Committee, although the cases could well have been combined within the framework of one investigation. But to explain why the investigators of the Kuban Investigative Committee did not show the slightest interest in the scams with the housing of Anatoly Dmitrievich Fomin,., Vyacheslav Grigorievich Mozalevsky, Yuri Viktorovich Zakharov, Angelina Grigoryevna Oleinikova, and other old people (only in this list, as already said 14 addresses), was completely incomprehensible.

The investigative oddities continued in the form of separating into a separate proceeding the criminal case against Tamara Mussovna Tsikunib, the key figure of the organized criminal group, the same Chernivtsi "black" notary, without whose fake powers of attorney all this fraud would have been impossible in principle. As a result, Tsikunib was presented with a very light ... 202nd article of the Criminal Code. "Abuse of power by private notaries and auditors".

The main bander — a gypsy — a "black" realtor Galina Zhestovskaya was detained and placed in the Krasnodar pre-trial detention center. But a number of other key members of the OPS were able to hide from the investigation surprisingly in time. Gennady Rozhikhin was put on the All-Russian wanted list. Although even journalists (who are by no means investigators) told law enforcement officers where he could easily be found in the first weeks after being put on the wanted list. The swindler kicked off in the Kuban village of Poltava, then moved to the village of Kuzhorskaya near Maykop, where his gypsy brothers fed and watered him for some time.

For some reason, the investigators could not find a witness (and, quite likely, an accomplice in the crimes of Ya ...sky). This comrade, after the publications, called the editorial office, demanding refutations. The phone flashed, it was reported to the security forces. There was zero sense from such information received. Nobody was looking for anyone.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued

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